Virtual offices are a fantastic solution for any company that wants flexibility and scalability at a low cost. Startups, the self-employed, entrepreneurs and professionals will all find a virtual office an incredibly beneficial platform on which to build their future success.

1. Virtual offices offer flexible hours and flexible lease terms.

With a virtual office, you only pay for the services that you actually need. You can maintain your office hours whenever you desire, and you can modify the schedule depending on your current needs. Having a virtual office frees you up to conduct your business, as you want, rather than having to restrict yourself to a specific schedule. Even better, you can also set your own lease terms. Rather than being stuck in an office for 12 months, you can choose to have a 3-month, 6-month or different term.

2. Virtual offices have lower overhead.

A physical office space requires an incredible amount of overhead: rent, utilities, and more. Virtual offices don’t require this overhead, and can often be outsourced to geographic regions that are less expensive than a domestic office. Lower overhead doesn’t just mean more profit for you; it also means that you can offer more competitive prices and thus draw in a larger client base. Today, simply remaining competitive within the market often requires that you streamline your services and lower your costs as much as possible. Moreover, one of the largest costs for a physical office is in their telecommunications system. With a virtual office, you don’t need to pay for a costly PBX system or monthly telecommunications utility bills; instead, this cost is usually rolled into the price of the service.

3. Virtual offices are scalable.

As you expand, you can easily add on services for your virtual office. Your virtual office can thus easily grow while you grow. A physical office can’t; you might have to move to procure additional office space and you may have issues finding additional staff. Even better, you can scale down your virtual office as desired. A physical office usually can’t be scaled down, often leading to difficult to manage expenses during leaner times.

4. Virtual offices offer premium location and image.

With a virtual office, you have a convenient and professional location that you can use to meet your clients either locally or internationally. When doing business, you want to ensure that your image and that your first impressions are perfect. A virtual office gives you a low-cost alternative to an expensive, modern office while sacrificing none of the professionalism or quality that your visitors will expect.

5. Virtual offices offer better amenities and services.

With a virtual office, you can ensure that there is always someone available to take care of customer service; even if you’re not available yourself. Customer service is an essential component to any company, and virtual offices enable you to provide the best possible customer service at the lowest prices. With virtual offices, you can offer unique services such as a bilingual reception desk, call forwarding, mail handling, mail forwarding, kitchen services and much more. All of the amenities of a luxury office are available at your hands in a cost-effective fashion, including corporate event support, wi-fi, video teleconferencing and secure parking.

Overall, there is almost nothing that can be done in a physical office that cannot be done in a virtual office. Using a small physical office with a larger virtual office also allows you to leverage both types of environment without compromise.