1. LEASE AGREEMENT. HDG Executive Suites is the only entity that will at all times preserve jurisdiction and ownership of the Premises. No LESSEE will by this agreement be entitled to any Property Interest of any kind. This Lease Agreement only permits LESSEE, so long as LESSEE adheres to all terms, conditions, covenants and provision of this Agreement the right as described in the front page under “Premises Included Services”. This Lease shall extend to and bind the parties, their heirs, assigns, except as herein provided, personal representatives and successors in interest.  Lease agreement is non-assignable without LESSOR’S written consent. LESSOR reserves all rights to conduct a background check to all Tenants.
    1.a. LESSEE GOOD STANDING. LESSEE shall provide current and valid identification at the time executing the lease agreement to lessor. In the event LESSEE is a Company, Corporation, Limited Liability Company, S corporation or other allowable entity to operate in the US, such entity needs to be current on their registration and valid to operate with all necessary licenses and other permits current. Any individual signing this lease agreement in representation of the business entity responsible for the lease needs to provide proper documentation validating it is authorized for engaging in this lease agreement in the name of such business entity.
  1. LEASE TERM AND RENEWAL. The term of this agreement is that stated in the front page and will be renewed automatically for equal successive periods, never less than twelve (12) months. Upon expiration, cancellation or termination of this Lease, however caused, the possessory right to the Premises and any improvements made by the LESSEE to the Premises, shall be vested in LESSOR, or its successors or assigns. If either LESSOR or LESSEE decide to terminate the Lease Agreement at the end of the Lease period or any of its renewals, it must notify the other party in writing with sixty (60) days advance notice. In the event such notice is not received during the stipulated timeframe herein, then LESSOR at its own discretion may decide to renew the agreement PLAN and recurring Additional Services will renew for an additional term of the same length or terminate the agreement and offer the premises to another potential LESSEE. LESSOR may increase the Rent and extra services fees each and every anniversary of the start date of this agreement. All Lease terms shall end on the last day of the month in which they would otherwise expire.
  1. LEASE PAYMENTS. Lease payments for the HDG Executive Office Membership Plan and for any Additional Services chosen by the LESSEE from the Exhibit “A” and Exhibit “B”, respectively, shall be due in advance the 1st day of each month. If the Lease commencement date is other than the first day of the month, the first month’s rate lease payment shall be prorated for the month based upon a calendar month of 30 days and reflected in the LESSEE’s initial invoice. LESSEE will pay an additional fee of $50.00 (fifty dollars) for any check returned due to insufficient fund, stopped payment or other. Billing invoices will be sent electronically to protect the environment, unless otherwise specified by the LESSEE. LESSEE may pay by check or make payments by an automated method such as Credit Card, Direct Debit or Direct Deposit wherever banking systems permit. Cash payments are not accepted.
  1. LATE PAYMENT FEES. Rent and extra services fees from the previous month are to be collected within a time period of no more than ten (10) days from the rent due date as stated in the present agreement not to be subject to a late fee. In the event LESSEE submits incomplete payment or no payment at all from day 11th to day 16th of the present month service has been rendered then it shall pay an additional fee of USD 50.00. In the event LESSEE submits incomplete payment or no payment at all from day 16th to day 31st of the present month service has been rendered then it shall pay an additional fee of USD 100.00. In the event LESSEE submits incomplete payment or no payment at all for the passed month for which LESSOR provide service then it shall pay an additional fee equal to 25% of monthly rent amount. The complete payment shall be received prior to a 30-day period of time after the due date to avoid potential termination of the agreement and enforcement of the Early Termination Clause. In such case LESSOR may block access and/or request LESSEE to vacate the property immediately.  LESSOR shall have no obligation to provide LESSEE access to the building or any of his personal belongings until LESSEE has submitted all payments due.
  1. SECURITY DEPOSIT. LESSOR will hold as security deposit the amount stated on the front page. If LESSEE fully complies with all of the covenants, agreements, terms and conditions of this Lease, LESSOR shall refund deposit no later than (15) days after the expiration date of Lease. If LESSEE violates any of the terms of this Lease, then LESSOR may apply all or a portion of the security deposit, as necessary, to cure the violation and compensate LESSOR for damages and losses suffered as a result of the violation by LESSEE. In case that damages exceed the amount of the deposit LESSEE will be required to furnish the additional required funds to cover it fully. LESSOR shall not maintain a separate account for the deposit and shall not be required to pay LESSEE interest on the security deposit.
  1. PREMISES USE. LESSEE shall use premises for office purposes and conduct business in compliance with all relevant present and future laws, regulations and ordinances of all governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the premises. Office use for businesses that entail a heavy traffic of visitors is not allowed. Utilizing the services and/or amenities provided by LESSOR for any illegal activity, whatsoever, shall be grounds for account immediate termination. LESSEE shall not use hazardous or toxic materials, create a disturbance, nor cause or commit any activity that may interfere with the Business Center and use of it by others or that creates a hostile work environment for clients and/or employees. LESSEE may not alter the existing office space in any way, shape or form nor sublease the Premises without a written consent from LESSOR.
  1. ACCESS TO BUILDING. Access to the Building is 24/7 for Executive Suites LESSEES.
  1. MAINTENANCE BY LESSEE. LESSEE shall not perform any act, which may injure the building, existing equipment, furnishings, fixtures and art in any of its areas. LESSEE shall keep the common areas and its office space clean and dispose waste at the designated areas within the premises. LESSEE may not adjust or tamper with any mechanical devices controlling the HVAC system. No pets are allowed at the premises at any time.
  1. ACCESS TO LESSEE OFFICES. LESSOR may need to access LESSEE offices and may do so at any time in case of emergency without notice. However, to make repairs, routine maintenance, required inspections, with the exception of the regular cleaning service, LESSOR will attempt to give LESSEE advance notice by e-mail or verbally. At all times, LESSOR will seek to protect LESSEE’S confidentiality by putting in place reasonable security measures or having a member of LESSOR staff present, at these occasions.
  1. MAINTENANCE BY LESSEE. LESSEE shall not perform any act, which may injure the building, existing equipment, furnishings, fixtures and art in any of its areas. LESSEE shall keep the common areas and its office space clean and dispose waste at the designated areas within the premises. LESSEE may not adjust or tamper with any mechanical devices controlling the HVAC system. No pets are allowed at the premises at any time.
  1. DAMAGE OR LOSS CAUSED BY OTHERS. LESSOR shall not be liable to LESSEE and LESSEE hereby waives all claims against LESSOR for any injury or damage to any person or property whatsoever, except to the extent caused directly by the negligent act or omission of LESSOR. LESSEE shall indemnify, hold LESSOR harmless from, and defend LESSOR against any and all claims, costs, loss, damage, expense or liability, including without limitation attorneys’ and other professionals’ fees (“Claims”), for any injury or damages to any person or property whatsoever, when such injury or damage has been caused in whole or in part by the act, neglect, fault or omission of LESSEE, its agents, employees or guests.  In addition, if any person not a party to this Lease shall institute any other type of action against LESSEE in which LESSOR, involuntarily, and without cause, shall be made a party defendant, LESSEE shall indemnify, hold LESSOR harmless from and defend LESSOR from all Claims by reason thereof.  LESSOR is not responsible for any damage to person or property owned by LESSEE, its guests, visitors and other associated individuals.   LESSOR is also not responsible, however, for loss, theft or disappearance of any LESSEE’s property.
  1. INSURANCE. LESSEE is responsible and highly recommended to acquire an insurance to cover its property that he brings to the premises and for its own liability to its employees, business center employees and other third parties as well as for loss of business, profits, anticipated savings, loss of or damage to data as LESSOR will not, under any circumstances be held liable for any of the here mentioned losses.
  1. NO WAIVER. The failure of LESSOR in one or more instances, to insist upon strict performance or observance of one or more covenants or conditions hereof or to exercise any remedy, privilege, or option reserved to LESSOR, shall not be constructed as a waiver of the future of such covenant or condition or the right to enforce the same or to exercise such privilege, option or remedy. The receipt by LESSOR of fees or any other payment required to be made by LESSEE or any part thereof, shall not be a waiver of any other amount of unpaid fees or other amounts then due, nor shall such receipt, although with knowledge of the breach of any covenant and/or condition hereof, operate as or be deemed to be a waiver by LESSOR of any of the provisions and/or conditions hereof, or any LESSOR’s rights, remedies, privileges or options hereunder.
  1. CONFIDENTIALITY. LESSOR and LESSEE shall, at all times during the term of the Lease and thereafter, use their reasonable efforts to safeguard the secrecy of any of the other party’s confidential information that may come into their possession but shall not include information of which the other party is aware, or which becomes generally available to the public other than as a result of (i) disclosure by such party in breach of this Lease, (ii) the breach by such party of its obligations under this Lease, or (iii) disclosure by any person or entity in violation of such person or entity’s duty of confidentiality to LESSOR or LESSEE, or any of their respective affiliates or subsidiaries (after such party becomes aware of the duty of confidentiality). This provision shall be enforceable for a period of three (3) years after termination of the agreement. The terms of this agreement are confidential and cannot be disclosed without the other party’s agreement.
  1. MAIL FORWARDING. All tenants must provide a valid ID to use service. No package and/or mail shall be forwarded until valid ID has been provided and background check has been conducted. Any fees incurred to obtain a background check shall be the responsibility of the LESSOR.
  1. PARTIAL OR TOTAL DAMAGE TO THE PROPERTY. In the event any portion of the Premises or the Building should be damaged by fire, wind, flood or other casualties, LESSOR within fifteen (15) days after damage may elect, at its sole discretion, to terminate this Lease or notify LESSEE of LESSOR’s intent to repair the Premises to its original conditions, in which event the Rent shall abate only to the extent and for the period of time in which Premises are not available for occupancy by LESSEE. The LESSEE shall continue fulfilling its obligations as stated herein and in the event the LESSEE desires to terminate the agreement prior 30 days after the incident has occurred and the damages have not been repaired by LESSOR, then it will lose its security deposit in addition to any other charge exceeding that may apply.
  1. PARKING. LESSEE shall have one parking space per office located at the white label parking spaces. LESSEE shall park at its assigned parking area and its guests and visitors shall park its vehicles at the visitor’s labeled parking spaces and never in a reserved parking space. LESSOR shall not be responsible for any damage or injuries to LESSEE, its employees, its guests, their vehicles or personal belongings left inside. LESSEE agrees to use the parking area for the only intended purpose of parking its vehicles during reasonable periods of time when LESEE is at the building and not for storage or any other purpose. In the event that LESSEE does not comply with this provision LESSOR will have the right to remove the vehicle from its premises at owners’ expense.
  1. LESSEE`S INSTRUCTIONS. Exhibit A-1 encompasses both the LESSEE’s options for precise instructions on answering services and the instructions on where LESSOR shall send LESSEE’s mail when LESEE is away for a prolonged period of time other than the default address that appears in the front page of the lease agreement. Also its preferred forwarding method such as LESSEE personal or a business courier account. Otherwise mail will be sent by standard USPS mail and the corresponding mailing fee will be charged to lessee’s monthly lease bill.
  1. ADDITIONAL SERVICES. Charges for Additional Services as shown in Exhibit “B” plus taxes must be paid the within the month in which they were enjoyed. Such payment should be paid separately and in addition to monthly rental fee under the same terms and conditions.
  1. INTERNET SERVICES. LESSEE shall undertake the use of such Internet services in accordance to LESSOR’s Internet service provider acceptable use policy, contained as part of the “Internet Standard Terms and Conditions”, included hereof. Any violation of the provisions of the Internet Standard Terms and Conditions by the LESSEE shall constitute a default under this Agreement. The Internet Service provided by LESSOR is solely for the purpose of scanning the World Wide Web, exchange of e-mail, download and upload of acceptable files as per the International, Federal, State and local government regulation. It is not intended to be used to host web sites, operate a client server, utilize Microsoft Exchange Server or other similar products. LESSEE will be responsible to have its employees and guests with the above-mentioned provisions when LESSEE, its employees and guests connect to the Building’s Internet network; they become part of the Building’s network. Therefore, it is necessary that all individuals protect their computers, smartphones, tablets, etc to prevent access to any of their connected devices and information contained within. LESSOR recommends each computer to have an updated antivirus program installed. LESSOR has the right to prohibit the use of wireless routers in the Building. The connection to the Internet service will be made available only through a hub or a router controlled by LESSOR. LESSEE is prohibited from installing additional equipment or software that will permit connection to the Internet without LESSOR’s written authorization. In order to prevent viruses or misuse of the Building’s Internet network, LESSOR may from time to time request a copy to each user of the last activity log. LESSOR should be hold harmless for any damage to LESSEE, its employees or its guests’ computer and any other device connected to the LESSOR’S network when using the Building’s Internet network as well as the use of the Internet connection by any of the aforementioned users for any activity considered illegal, fraudulent or against the acceptable standards by Internal, Federal, State or local laws. LESSOR will make every effort to provide a steady and reliable Internet connection at all times. In the event of service failure for whatever reason, LESSOR shall not be kept responsible, nevertheless should do its best commercial effort to reinstate service as soon as possible.
  1. INTERNET STANDARD TERMS & CONDITION. Internet Use Policy set forth below defines practices that are unacceptable while using the LESSOR’s provided services that provide access to the Internet via LESSOR’s Internet network. By using any of the services LESSEE, its employees and guests acknowledge that all of the aforementioned need to comply with standards terms and conditions defined hereof:Spamming:
  • Posting ten (10) or more messages similar in content to forums, email mailing lists or other similar groups of lists.
  • Sending unsolicited emails to more than 25 different email users, if such unsolicited emails could reasonable be accepted to provoke complaints.
  • Falsifying user information provided to LESSOR or to other user of the services in connection with the use of the Internet services.Network Disruptions and Network Unfriendly Activity:
  • LESSEE shall restraint himself, employees or guest from performing any activity that may affect adversely the ability of other users to use the network appropriately.
  • Interference or disruption of other users, network services or network equipment.
  • Sending unsolicited emails to more than twenty-five (25) email users, if such unsolicited email could generates an inconvenience to any of the recipients.
  1. CONFERENCE ROOM & OFFICE SPACE ACCESS. LESSEE must coordinate at Reception with a minimum of 24 hours in advance the booking of the conference rooms and office space availability. The amount of hours assigned to LESSEE shall be used on such month and they are not accumulative. In the event LESSEE requests to book any of the available conference rooms and/or office space for more than the time included under the Lease Agreement, each hour will be charged at the cost listed in Exhibit “B”. A walkthrough before and after use of both mentioned spaces will be conducted to determine their condition and LESSOR’s right to claim a fee in the event of damages to any part of the installations.
  1. COLLECTION. LESSOR reserves the right to withhold services including denying LESSEE access to the premises until outstanding fees over thirty days plus the 1.5% monthly interest are paid.  If the LESSOR has to hire an attorney to collect outstanding amounts, the amount of such reasonable attorney fees and costs will be added to the amount due.
  1. PROPERTY LEFT ON THE PREMISES. All property left at the Premises by LESSEE at the expiration of the Term or any earlier termination hereof, shall be deemed abandoned by LESSEE, and LESSOR may at its sole discretion remove such property from the premises and store or dispose at LESSEE’s cost. Upon termination of this agreement, it is LESSEE’s responsibility to notify all parties of LESSEE’s new mailing address and phone numbers.  LESSOR will have no obligation to forward mail at this point and will bill LESSEE for any service to forward mail and any postage fees incurred after vacating the premise. LESSEE must not submit a change of address form to the United States Postal Service upon departure; as such action may interfere with normal mail delivery to LESSOR.
  1. EARLY TERMINATION: LESSEE agrees to lease the office space listed herein from LESSOR as per the terms and conditions listed in the front page and the terms and conditions listed in this Lease Agreement, at the monthly rate specified, without deduction. Occupancy for less than the agreed lease term for any reason, shall cause LESSEE to forfeit the Security Deposit, and accrued interest if any, solely as Liquidated Damages for LESSEE’s failure to perform this Contract, and shall be strictly enforced. In addition the remaining balance of the agreed total amount to be paid in the maturity of the Lease Agreement shall become immediately due and LESSEE shall be responsible to pay to LESSOR Immediately. LESSOR may terminate this agreement immediately with no further consequences in the event LESSEE does not comply with the terms and conditions abiding this agreement.
  1. NOTICES.  All notices, elections, and demands required or permitted to be given hereunder shall be in writing and shall be personally delivered or sent by the United States certified mail, return receipt requested, to LESSOR and LESSEE addresses in front page upon termination of this agreement.
  1. USE OF COMMERCIAL ADDRESS: Upon LESSOR’s written termination of service due to, but not limited, the breach of this agreement or written request of termination by either party, LESSEE promises to seize the use of LESSOR’s commercial address in its entirety, but not limited to, marketing material, website, Google’s Geolocation, bank accounts, Florida Division of Corporations, business cards and others. LESSEE has up to thirty (30) days to remove the Lessors address as a reference for his business as described above. Shall LESSEE do not comply with the above referenced then LESSOR shall have the right to to take legal actions against LESEE as permitted by the law.  LESSEE shall indemnify, hold LESSOR harmless from, and defend LESSOR against any and all claims, costs, loss, damage, expense or liability, including without limitation attorneys’ and other professionals’ fees (“Claims”), for any damages related to the misuse of the commercial address.
  1. LIMITATION OF SERVICES TO BE RENDERED BY LESSOR: Neither LESSOR nor its personal is authorized to receive agreements or other documentation left at the reception which is not enclosed in a sealed envelop. In addition it will not provide legal advice to LESSEE or its guest.
  1. FORCE MAJEURE. If LESSOR shall be delayed, or prevented from performance of any act required hereunder and which are beyond LESSOR’S control such as but not limited to strikes, power outage, Internet and telephone service failure, then LESSOR’S shall not be held liable for its inability to perform during the time that such acts persist.
  1. GOVERNING LAW. This Agreement, is interpreted and enforced, regulated by the laws of the State of Florida and all parties agree that litigation arising from this agreement shall be in the county where Premise is located.
  1. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Lease is the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. This Lease may only be modified in writing signed by the party to be bound.





There are a number of ways that you can transfer a call from reception to the Lessee:

  • Blind transfer: a blind transfer is when you transfer a call without an introduction.
  • Consulted transfer: a consulted transfer is when the reception can advertise and filter calls according to the requests of each client.
  • Voicemail transfer: This transfer is made when the client does not answer or the client makes a request to forward the call directly to voicemail.
  • Forwarding of voicemail to email: This feature may be modified as long as the client requires.

Lessee may choose from the options above and also inform HDG Executive Suites the exact description of the greeting desired for answering services below:



Mail brought by US mail will be sorted and handed to LESSEE or handed at LESSEE’S office space as soon as it arrives at HDG EXECUTIVE SUITES. It is the Lessee’s responsibility to pick up its mail at its office space. If LESSEE is to be away for a long period of time, collected mail maybe forwarded to the address that appears in the lease agreement. A $9.99 administrative fee plus the corresponding standard US mail forwarding fee will be charged. Lessee has the option to provide us hereunder with a personal or a business courier’s account such as FedEx.

Alternative Forwarding Address         _______________________________________________

Courier’s name and account number _______________________________________________



Lessee may choose from EXHIBIT B the notification package of its preference. Lessee has the option to tailor its mail notifications according to its priorities. ONLY courier boxes or packages will be notified free of charge and they will need to be picked up within 72 hours, otherwise a daily $25 fee will apply. Lessee shall inform HDG Executive Suites on the precise notification handling procedures in the space below:




 Extra Desk (monthly)$60.00
 Extra working Chair (monthly)$15.00
 Extra visitors Chair (monthly)$10.00
 Extra Phone (US Nationwide) with Voicemail (monthly)$50.00
 Local Fax through email number (monthly)$14.99
 Lobby Directory$24.99
 Personal Fridge (monthly)$35.00
 VIP Parking (monthly)$99.00
 Personal 40″ LED Smart TV (monthly) 2 years lease agreement minimum$90.00
 The Board Room (hour rate)$50.00
 The Board Room (daily rate)$280.00
 Conference Room (hour rate)$40.00
 Conference Room (daily rate)$220.00
 Designated Desk$35.00
 Black Copy$0.25
 Color Copy$0.50
 Scan per page$0.50
 Unlimited Scan & email (monthly)$9.99
 Secretarial services per hour$30.00
 Translations (per page)$30.00
 Notary Stamps (per page)$10.00
 Forwarding Mail Administrative Fee (monthly)$9.99
 Extra FOB$35.00
 Extra Office Key$15.00